Our Company

We build a bridge of trust and assurance needed for today’s markets.

Real estate ventures with long-term gains

We believe in helping investors generate wealth through real estate.

Our Top Mission

AA & JM Properties believes in helping investors generate wealth through real estate. Our knowledge and over 40 years of experience help our investors create solid investments with growth potential. Our real estate ventures invite long-term gains and diversified properties to an investment portfolio.

Our Story


AA & JM Properties, LLC is a special-purpose entity established in 2011 to purchase rental property complexes, commercial properties and storage units. A real estate investment company with over 40 years of real estate experience with major investment firms, acquisitions, purchases and businesses in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Key Activities

• In 1968 started real estate investment firm 5871 Project in Kansas City, bought 20-40 acres on 119th and 120th and Metcalf, Overland Park on both sides. At the time property was bought for 11 cents a foot. In 1980 they sold the property for 2-4 million dollars.

• Funds from the Metcalf land were reinvested into 200 acres out in Belton, MO.

• A big land developer in Kansas City and nationwide, bought the land in Belton for millions and added Home Depot, Koles, Target and other key stores for the first 100 acres. The second 100 acres was sold to the US post office and other places located west of there.

• Buildings purchased off 95th and Bannister over by the Bendex plant. A whole new Honeywell plant was built on the land off of 150 highway.

• Profitable land bought and sold in Blue Springs, MO. A huge lumber yard was built on the property.

• In 1975 started profitable pottery importing business. Pottery sold to Kmart, Osco and Venture. Started importing pottery and glazed pottery and sold to these same stores. Capitalized on this niche during a downturn in the economy the during oil crisis and embargo.

• Established Gil’s electric in 1968. In 1981 began a 15 year profitable contract with Revco. Traveled to different states and cities from as far east as Cleveland, to as far west as the Colorado border and as far north as the Canadian border to establish business with stores in these areas. Worked in 90 Revco stores in Texas alone. Also had contracts with stores in Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan.

• Established business contracts through Gil’s Electric and Commerce Bank for maintenance, installation, security wiring rentals, etc. Received security clearance to help install vaults, safes, cameras, etc.

• Established contracts through Gil’s Electric and Coca-Cola bottler plants and headquarters in Egan Minnesota for electric work for computer systems, servers, wiring, and more. Brought them from antiquated systems to updated systems. Contracts lasted for 10-12 years.

• Established contracts through Gil’s Electric and Performas roofing systems on Blue Parkway, Kansas City, MO. They took them from literally an empty warehouse, to design and implement this design to spec for a team from Belgium in a year’s time. Helped them attain $300,000 under budget and saved them money. This contract lasted for 9 years. Performa has put roofing on major buildings around the world including the Vatican.

• Started Gil’s Sales in 1980 selling Industrial supplies to Hallmark Cards, Commerce Bank and the Army Ammunition plant in Independence, MO. Formerly know as Olan (Company that makes 50 caliber bullets for the US military) now – Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems.

• Rental properties investments paid for with hard assets and liquid assets. All property paid off in cash in full. 44 years of rental homes income during this time from (1975- Current.)

• Was part of an honorary award for helping establish profitable land in the Kansas City area.